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We are salespeople

Our main value is that we generate sales trough:

  • Increasing the space in the shelf
  • Controlling the national head of gondolas
  • Negotiating additional head of gondolas
  • Achieving additional secondary spaces
  • Generating cross-selling spaces
  • Creating impulsive selling hotspots

We go far beyond the usual services offered by the traditional merchandisers such as assortment control, price tracking, and product allocation.


We are sales specialists of the DIY and hardware stores (“Ferreterías“). These channels share that the brand values are not emotional, they are based on several advantages that have to be communicated.

We accelerate the product sales through demonstrations, communication and giving training at the point of sales.


Our technology supports commercial decision-taking. Our sales team, introduce all the relevant information for our customers in a tablet.

Our Added Value consists on translating this information to Management Factsheets based on KPI’s that allow to take Key Account and Sales Management Decisions.


We are full-partners for our customers:

  • We don’t provide services to their competitors
  • We share risks: E.g. in additional space negotiations, if we don’t win the space, we don’t get our bonus