DIY Point of Sale Management

We have a powerful team of Point of Sale Salespeople (GPV). Our GPVs are the fundamental tool to accelerate sales in modern distribution. They are the eyes and hands at the point of sale. Responsible for the complete image of your brand in the store. For this reason, we call our GPVs “Great Sales Professionals”.

Trade channel Sales Team

Our Trade Channel Sales Team is specialized in visiting hardware stores and industrial suppliers.
Our model covers the top hardware stores nationwide and we work on a professional process based on creating brand spaces and stable links with the hardware store.
Our Commercial Managers are not agents, since our agenda and availability is always at the service of the brands. Therefore, the team is 100% of our own.

Sales Promoter / prescriber

Our Sales Promoters are the people who are in charge of the entire sell-out. That is, to sell your brand to the final consumer. Their image is outsatnding and they are experts in the brand. In addition, they provide training to the prescriber so that they can sell at all times. They carry out sampling, product demonstrations, fairs and control and replenishment of stock in the store.

Key Account Management

We access key clients, present and negotiate with you with expertise and professionalism, assist you in the preparation and development of your business plan to make it a success.

Smart merchandising

We have a team of specialized merchandisers who take care of the global image of your brands at the point of sale. We work in three areas:

• Assembly of additional spaces
• Update of the POS
• Update of point of sale visuals and screens

DIY / Do It Yourself


Hardware stores / Industrial supply

Cadena 88
Grupo Ehlis
Servei Estacio
El Sabio

Large feeding surface



Media Markt (Electro)
Saltoki (Sanitary)
Grup Gamma (Sanitary)
La Plataforma (Professional)
BigMat (Construction)
Jardiland (Garden)

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