Let’s work together

We ensure only best consulting services for our clients

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Key Account Management

We access key clients, present and negotiate with you with expertise and professionalism, assist you in the preparation and development of your business plan to make it a success.

Reporting Cloud

Adaptable CRM, own reporting system that allows to extract the requested information, with agility and flexibility for each client.

Point of sale management

With our service of Exclusive commercial networks, we offer management services and sales forces, tailored to the needs of our clients, we also create a model of Shared Commercial Management where non-competing brands share synergies to save costs and increase profitability, without affecting the bottom line.


Promotional actions

The commercial profile and the continuous training of our promoters guarantee the best possible brand presentation, from the presentation and launch of the products to sampling and customer acquisition.

Creating breakpoints

What you can’t see doesn’t sell, and disruption points are perfect showcases for products outside their usual location, which is why we can assure, with the experience we have in this field, that we can increase their visibility at the point of sale by more than 50%.

Point-of-sale technology

We have devices for each client and need, depending on the impact to be made at the point of sale. We set up spaces for this with great success.

Telephone sales

a global commercial action includes a sales call centre that can build on the momentum of a one-off or advertising campaign, and for this we have a highly experienced professional team.

Market intelligence at the point of sale.

We have an own application that allows sales forces to prioritise and prepare their visits to points of sale according to the potential for orders, stock-outs, and allows them to make in-store order proposals. In addition, by having access to the supplier’s portal, we are able to filter and leverage all in-store sell-out information.

Marketing your products

We introduce and represent your products, whether in the DIY channel, hardware stores or in the traditional channel, we introduce your products to key interlocutors, we represent them to maximise sales over time.